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I can't get my code to cash out



  • Sodangibadeggi

    Pogo support aren't replying. They need to work on this honestly. I open a ticket 3 month ago and I'm yet to receive a reply

  • Jaar rule

    This POGo is becoming trash.
    They don't send code for cash out and their support team don't reply....🤦

  • Katecelestegibson

    I have asked for help twice and neither time I get a reply. I just cashed out before this a couple days prior but now it's not working of course when I have $100+ in points to cash out :(

  • Monica Taylor

    This app completely sux now...I deleting everything and reporting them

  • Samantha robert

    Good day!
    I have being cashouting my pogo account and I haven’t received my code is sounds fishy….please you guys should work on it


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